Binh Duong Villa
A scientifically and sensibly designed office will create an ideal and comfortable space. At that office, officer will have his comfort, inspiration, passion for work and highest performance. Based on scientific studies about workspace combined with feng shui elements, Designers used natural oak wood and veneer to decorate that office. NT INDEC design and construction team worked continuously for 30 days and nights to meet the owner satisfaction. An office combines gym room which was well arranged to maximize the existing space of 120m2 penthouse.
Bien Hoa Villa
Design houses require architect’s creativity combined with the employer’s interests. In a three generation family, the design must be in harmony with each person in this family. NT INDEC architect pleased the will of the employer with bright colors and modern styles to exterior design. In contrast to the exterior style, we brought a European minimalist style to interior design. We are constantly innovative and always thoroughly understand the desire of the customer in order to meet their expectations.